Kinetrix is one of the leading providers of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) advisory services. It provides a front to back service offering including Strategy and
Operational Formulation, built on robust GRC frameworks.
Kinetrix is recognized as a thought leader aligning its in depth experience, expertise and business philosophy to create efficient, growing and sustainable businesses for its clients from Start ups SMEs, Large Corporations, Family Businesses and Governments.

Headquartered in the prestigious Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) we pride ourselves In our strong record of service delivery, client driven approach, professional excellence and understanding of local market needs.

Our network of offices and affiliates spans the region and to complement our service offenng to our clients. Kinetrix has selected strategic partners (such as Complinet) to provide additional valued expertise, technology products and service excellence



Governance, Risk & Compliance

Services are paramount to all other aspects of our service delivery and philosophy
Kinetrix key aim is to promote the importance and culture of GRC within an organization, with the goal of reducing risks, satisfying regulatory requirements and improving transparency
GRC is the key building blocks in creating a robust and sustainable control environment I his will enable an organisation to protect itself from external and internal shocks that may otherwise impact revenue or deplete value


Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence entails the efficient management of people, process and technology to deliver the overall vision and goals of the organisation by developing, nurturing and supporting teams

Our tools, methodology and expertise enable organisations to increase value, encourage the establishment of strong operational frameworks and infrastructure ensunng long-term growth and profitability

Strategic Advisory

Kinetrix has developed a deep understanding of | many businesses and the competitive environment an organization wishes to operate in. As a recognized thought leader Kinetrix is able to guide organisations to define and articulate their mission and vision

This is translated and formulated into specific innovative and creative strategies that define appropriate business and operational models to achieve sustainable short, medium and long term goals and provide the tools to continuously measure performance


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