■ Operational Excellence entails the efficient management of people, processes and technologies to deliver the overall vision and goals of the organization by developing, nurturing and supporting teams.
■ Our tools, methodology and expertise enable organisation to increase value, encourage the establishment of strong operational frameworks and infrastructure ensuring long-term growth and profitability.
■ Many industries and companies go through phases, during which period, more often than not, senior management attention is disproportionately drawn towards gaining market share rather than developing the optimal operational model. A poorly developed Operational Model increases risks and costs, increases inefficiencies and duplications Such ills maybe masked when a company is in a growth phase but are exposed when revenue is curtailed.
■ To create a sustainable and robust organization that is able to survive any downturn and create real benefit to the bottom line greater attention has to be given to Operational Strategy.

Kinetrix can offer guidance on:

■ Kinetrix will develop and align the Operating Model to the company's strategy and vision Identify and build the optimal Operational framework , key process and procedures and identify key Human Capital requirements Kinetrix will identify and if required build systems (i.e. ERP and risk system's) to deliver services to clients and help management to run their business.
■ Kinetrix aims are to use Operational Excellence tools and frameworks to increase the value organization and encourage the establishment of robust and sustainable infrastructure ensuring long-term growth based on best practices.
■ To achieve a significant improvement Kinetrix uses comprehensive process analysis and business reengineering techniques Recognizing the fact that not all organisation are at the same level of process maturity, Kinetrix offers different levels of engagement within the spectrum of Operational Excellence to meet the different objectives of its customers.
■ We assist a wide range of industry sectors and use our knowledge and experience to deliver IT-enabled, business transformation and operations improvement services Our focus is to help lead public and private organisation in their response to change and add value to the enterprise.
■ We assist companies through the transaction process providing operational due diligence advice.
■ We provide outsourced resources which manage costs effectively and deliver expertise.

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