Risk Management Services

■ The exponential growth of many businesses In recent years masked the underlying problems and risks that have evolved In recent times greater attention has been drawn towards the implementation of risk management practices and systems due to increased regulatory requirements and the greater appreciation for the benefits of creating a robust risk management framework.

■ As such, Risk managers the world over are seeking to improve their ability to manage a diverse risk portfolio, predict hidden risks and control the impact of risk and third party interdependences The ability to bridge the risk gap across the entire enterprise is quickly becoming the leading imperative.

Kinetrix Expertise.

■ Our consultants have been at the forefront of many different organisation in creating Enterprise Risk Management Solutions (ERM), identify controls and risk s, identifying measureable key Risk Indicators (KRIs),implementing Risk Systems and developing monitoring programs and tools.

Value Propositions

■ Independent Risk Assessment - We will conduct independent risk assessments across all parts of the business; assessments will focus on business, strategic and systems risks as well as but not limited to compliance and people risks

■ Enterprise Risk Management - Develop effective framework across all business units and portfolio companies Capture firms residual risks and develop mitigating strategies

■ Operational Risk - Basel II - Develop and implement Operational Risk methodology across the organization

■ Monitoring Risks - Develop framework and agree Key Risk Indicators (KRIs| to monitor and track risks inherent in the business.

■ Management Tools & Systems - Identify key tools, systems and process to capture acceptable residual risks

■ Management Focus - Through scenario analysis and role play in a workshop with senior management, Kinetrix will develop the experience of how to make key decisions during crisis situations.

■ Training - Develop tailor made programs to ensure that risks are understood and mitigated on a timely basts At the same time develop sound mitigating strategies

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