Governance Services
KINETRIX aims to bridge the governance gap by assisting the region's countries and businesses in developing and implementing sound, well integrated corporate governance frameworks. Our objective is to help shape corporate governance throughout the region by promoting the core values and developing key benchmarks and principles for transparency, accountability, fairness, disclosure and responsibility.
The business world has witnessed many examples of global corporations facing financial & management problems. Lack of transparency or weakness in disclosure policies caused such results in many instances. Structural or functional failure at board level, absence of internal or external auditing policies and controls are consistently contributing factors to increasing the risk of failure. As the region’s corporations are going multinational, corporate governance is becoming more and more important in protecting investments, building a globally competitive corporation, and is able to take advantage of the latest in innovation.
KINETRIX’s Consultants have earned their reputation as a regional leaders providing assistance to corporations, developing a structured and tested process of assessment, review, and improvement plan. Implementation and re-assessment will be provided in close relationship with clients.
Therefore, KINETRIX’s value propositions for Corporate Governance Services are as follows:
  • Governance Setup – For newly authorized companies KINETRIX will provide front to back services. This entails establishing the relevant Committee’s, Charters, Policies, Procedures and Processes.
  • Governance Assessment – KINETRIX will assess a client’s governance structure and assess against current acceptable Corporate Governance principles.
  • Policies and Procedures – Work closely with the client to develop policies and procedures and ensure they are understood and communicated to all. Monitor and evaluate on an ongoing and periodic basis.
  • Operating Manuals: KINETRIX working closely with the client to develop and implement the appropriate operating manual and documentation.
  • Training: Ensure all board directors have adequate and update experience.
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