CEO’s Message
A Message from the Chief Executive Officer, Faheem Aziz
“The Credit Crunch and the global financial crisis in 2008 have thrown the spotlight on key disciplines such as Compliance, Risk Management, Corporate Governance and Operational Excellence. The crisis has exposed the deficiencies in organizations internal control systems and operational readiness to meet strategic corporate goals. The lack of expertise, transparency, absence of monitoring tools and frameworks did not provide senior executives the tools or information to deal with the impending crisis or how to react during it.
With the above trends and a structural change in the market, Kinetrix is well poised to become the leading independent management consultancy in the region, with its headquarters in the DIFC.
Our business philosophy concentrates on “Growth, Efficiency & Sustainability” and ensures that our clients are serviced at every stage of the business life-cycle, from conception of a new business idea, product or service, entering a new region or country or as a leading player looking to increase productivity or strengthen systems and controls.  The greatest strength of our firm is our pro-activeness and intuitive ability to understand the strategic needs of our clients combined with the business experience of the professionals, we bring to help clients meet those needs.
All this harnessed by the experience and knowledge of our consultants and capacity not only to assess where and whether deficiencies exist within a company’s control environment but be able to build and implement systems, controls and procedures to ensure that the control framework developed works effectively.”
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