In the current environment we can help review the opportunities that exist in the market with a view to ensuring a great strategic fit to achieve objectives and create opportunities previously not available. We can review approaches to help stabilise your business and identify new opportunities to make changes to your strategy, operations and finances.
Kinetrix can assist in:
  • sorting out your cash position, help get debt off your balance sheet and deal with financiers
  • identify assets that are not working as well as they might and enhance or divest them
  • look at people, business unit and supply chain efficiencies to help you capitalize on the really valuable parts of the company.
We work with clients to assess and analyse proposed transactions, highlighting the value drivers, risks and opportunities in the deal. We remain involved through the life cycle of the deal. We help develop appropriate accounting, finance and tax structures as well as advising on post-deal and integration strategies.
Some of the activities where you may require our assistance:
  • finding the right opportunities at the right price
  • securing rock-solid finance
  • obtaining stakeholder buy-in
  • performing timely and robust due diligence
  • aligning deals with strategic business objectives
  • maintaining regulatory compliance
  • extracting value from business integration.
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