We will work to understand your businesses risks, devise risk management and mitigation programs from framework to risk assessment and MIS. In doing so we understand that risk isn’t just about threats and challenges; it’s also about taking advantage of opportunities. Our consultants use the PEERM methodology to define and analyse key issues and future potential business opportunities, helping to ensure that an effective emerging technology or innovative way to launch new services or products is not overlooked.
The Kinetrix PEERM methodology also helps to identify previously unexplored areas or concerns — not just the obvious needs. In this way we also develop, improve and implement enterprise risk management programs, and risk and controls management programs for more efficient, effective and integrated risk management that most importantly adds value to the businesses activities.
Some of the main activities in this area include:
  • enterprise risk management (structure, risk identification, monitoring, reporting, optimising)
  • regulatory compliance (including Sarbanes Oxley)
  • contract compliance
  • corporate governance
  • global sustainability/climate change
  • continuous auditing/monitoring
  • integrated assurance.
Our compliance and supervision programs are tailored to the needs and operations of the business from developing rulebooks for regulatory authorities and businesses alike to manuals, policies and procedures and compliance monitoring systems and controls we look to develop a ‘circle of compliance’ for a business and its stakeholders.
We also understand that once the framework for efficiency has been developed it must be continuously improved and managed. In this respect to work to empower internal resources within the organisation, equipping them with the quintessential behavioural tools via an integrated training and development program so as to harness and prepare them for the on-going tasks ahead.
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