Who is Kinetrix?

    Who are we: Kinetrix is the leading provider of Governance. Risk and Compliance (GRC) advisory services For Kinetrix a focus on GRC is pivotal to the success In delivering organizations strategy and building robust and sustainable operational frameworks.

    Our Aim: We build operational and business frameworks based on good governance and control principles that are bottom line focused Our key aims are to build transparency ensuring the right tools, process and technology is available to make good and timely decisions.


    Our Focus: Our services are focused on helping clients achieve their objectives through better understanding of business opportunities, articulating a clearly defined vision and using scarce resources to improve productivity and efficiency and contribute to a sustainable organization.


    Our Service Offering: We deliver Governance. Risk and Compliance advisory services. Further our Strategic Advisory and Operational Excellence Services allows clients to have a trusted partner who can provide front to back services offering within an organization.


    Our Experience: Our multidisciplinary practitioners are experts in their respective areas, which enables clients to harness their know how across a wide range of industries from government, financial services. health care, insurance, manufacturing, family offices and trusts, sovereign wealth funds and private equity.


      Our Local Expertise: We pride ourselves in being a local advisory. Kinetrix has an in depth knowledge of the business environment, local regulatory framework (CMA. DFSA and QFSA) and cultural particularities of the national markets in which we are active.


     Our Culture: Kinetrix’s distinctive culture has also enabled the organization to attract and retain a large and growing team of experienced professionals dedicated to meeting the exacting requirements of its client base Managing Directors have an average of over 20 years of relevant expenence gained both internationally and within the MF.NA region, which provides the firm with an unrivalled level of expertise in its core markets.


    Our Client Approach: We also have one over-riding principle and that is the commitment to working with clients to meet their strategic and financial objectives and achieving bottom-line results The firm is structured to allow senior professionals to devote the vast majority of their professional time on client activities.


    Our Values: Kinetrix values are centered around ensuring professional excellence, client driven approach at all times and maintaining our independence to provide clear and unbiased advice to our clients.


    Our Business Philosophy: Kinetrix business philosophy is based on the belief that to create 'Efficient' 'Growing' and 'Sustainable organisations senior management need to view the organisations in an holistic manner assessing and potentially redefining all parts of the enterprise from strategy formulation to operational design However, to ensure that these changes are efficient, sustainable and contribute to the growth of the business they have to be built on a foundation of using the tools and frameworks that incorporate at the heart of it GRC principles       

    Our Methodology: Kinetrix prides itself in its approach and its proprietary methodology "PEERM" (Prepare, Evaluate, Execute, Review. Manage) It provides a systematic and consistent process for addressing client needs based on the 'Plan-Do-Check-Act-Model’ for Quality Management The Kinetrix "PEERM" is a rigorous approach that identifies opportunities, analyses information, designs solutions, executes the best solution and measures results.


    Our Delivery Framework: Kinetrix Delivery framework is built around a strong team of professionals and partners based on a robust methodology and local presence in the markets we operate in.


    Our Partners: To complement our service offering we have carefully selected strategic partners in order for us to offer seamless and integrated services under the auspicious of their supporting brands, products and communication networks.


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